Liberty Landing Cooperative Letter to Applicants

Thank you for interest in our community. We are happy that you are considering joining us as a Member of our Community and Cooperative. We strive to maintain a positive, enjoyable environment and a clean, attractive and well- managed community. Our community is made up of Members, each household having one share and one vote. We work together through shared agreements to ensure those community values are upheld.

About the community:

  • This is a people-oriented community, members help each other.
  • We are governed as a Cooperative and have an elected Board of Directors.
  • We have excellent Property Management at our side.
  • Roads are maintained and plowed by the City of Liberty.
  • Water and Sewer service are provided by the city and billed to each homeowner.
  • Convenient location for natural beauty, employment, and shopping.
  • Being a co-op means long term stable and affordable ownership!

About the application process:

  • Make sure to fully complete the application.
  • Return it to Brookwater Management with all of the requested documentation, including:
    • Application for Membership
    • Consumer Authorization and Release Form, completed by all applicants 18 years of age or older
    • A photocopy of photo identification for each applicant 18 years of age or older
    • Non-refundable application fee of $40.00 for each applicant who is 18 years of age or older
    • Proof of income, including the previous two (2) month’s pay-stubs or proof of Social Security and/or SSD income, annuities, and/or proof of any other sources of income.
  •  Please note that incomplete applications will be returned to you.
  •  After submission- you will be briefly contacted by a Member of the Board, your application is screened and then you will be informed of approval decision of the Co-op’s Board of Directors. 
  • Applicants are notified of their acceptance or denial in writing.

After you are approved, before you may move in, you will need to meet with the Property Manager to:

  • Pay your $350 Membership fee (this one-time fee is fully refundable if you sell your home, minus any outstanding fees owed to the Co-op).
  • Execute the Occupancy Agreement, with all household members listed.
  • Execute the Membership Agreement.
  • Pay your first monthly lot rent of $485.
  • Sign acknowledgement forms and complete any pet registrations.
  • Receive a new Member Handbook.

After you move in, you will need to:

  • Attend a new Member Orientation within 4 weeks of moving in.
  • Participate in meetings and activities of Liberty Landing Cooperative
  • Sign up to participate on a committee if you are able.
  • Honor all agreements of the Cooperative; including our Bylaws, Rules and Policies.
  • Get to know your neighbors- you are now part of the community!

If you have questions, please call Brookwater Management. They may be reached by phone at (816)429-8186 or by email at